ICM Week 1

For this week assignment, I started sketching in P5.js the drawing I did on class.

Original Draw


P5.js Draw


As I had experienced P5.js before but just drawing some shapes, I wanted to learn something new. So I decided to explore some Events. I wondered, How could I make my shapes react to human directions? I looked around the mouseX and mouseY events and I decided that I wanted the shapes move accordingly to where the mouse was heading.

This was the result:

Some great compositions occur unexpectedly when I was moving the mouse randomly.

Random Compositions:


With this exercise, I understood that when I was playing with the mouse, the event was changing the position number into the code, so the X and Y points of the shapes were reacting on that directions.

Next thing I asked myself was If my mouse movements are changing the position of the shapes? Can I change the colors as well?

This was the result:

Color Compositions:


You can try the sketch here: P5 week 1 Sketch

Next thing I want to try is to make the shapes and color changes automatically and randomly without any human interaction.

How computation applies to my interests ?
Computation applies to many interests that I have. I would like to create tools that help me and others to come up with new outcomes, for example, as a designer I would like to have a tool that allows me to quickly combine shapes, texts, and color to test how they work together. I get lost many times making that kind of decisions that I would love to make my computer experiment some compositions for me on a faster and effective way. It would be great to automate my computer to help me making that decision. Perhaps let my computer do the whole thing. That would be awesome.

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