Laser Cuttter

This week for Intro to Fabrication the assignment was to make something using the Laser Cutter. I decided to use the Laser cutter as a tool to prototype my Pcomm final project.

The idea for my Pcomm Project is to build a small machine for your workspace to remember all the things you have you make on a single day. For that, I will build a small container (not sure what material yet) that is meant to be next by the computer with just one button and a matrix of 9 solenoids. Each morning you will have to press the button from 1 to 9 times, assuming the things you need to accomplish that day and the machine will output a random dot drawing made with the solenoids. The machine will also have a bunch of printed cards with the matrix and a hole puncher where you will have to make a hole everytime you finish one of your tasks. This cards can be collected and reviewed if you connect the machine to a computer to go back for a particular day and analyze how effective you were that day.

For this assignment, I wanted to use the laser cutter to have an idea of the scale of the little machine I want to build. As my concern was the width, height, and depth of the box, I decided to use cardboard for prototyping.

As I have been using illustrator for a long time, all the process was very intuitive when I sent the files to the printer.


The first problem came when I remove my first cardboard test before all the pieces were cut properly.


I tried 3 different sizes for the cube.


A laser cutter is a great tool to quickly prototype if you have some doubts about scales of your project. At the end, I think the smallest one seems to be the most appropriated for this project.

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