Color Lights Music Instrument

For this week assignment, we had to make an application using a digital or analog input and a digital output. Having only experienced analog switches, I wanted to try something I had never used before as an analog input., so I picked up a light sensor. At the beginning, I started lighting on a LED when there wasn't enough light a round, after I succeed with that, I realize the serial.The println() function was giving me the range of the light that my sensor was getting (0, 1023 theoretically). So knowing that factor, I came up with the idea to map the range of the light so I could output with a buzzer different sounds depending on the amount of light that the sensor was absorbing.
The hard part was that the straws that I used to change the range of the light coming from the backlight of my iPhone were not enough to alternate significantly the values of the light.

I guess if I want to improve this instrument I will need to use a bigger range of colors straws Also, for the future, it would be great to tone the lights properly to perhaps make a straw color pattern that create melodies while the straws pass sequenced to the backlight of the phone, kind of magical box works.

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