Wireframes and App review

The assigment this week was to create a simple wireframe of an app I would like to do. I choose to create Zine which is an ios app to create Zines as a pdf using the images of the library in the phone.


App Review

Citymapper is a simple and usable travel map app for big cities. It is a very fast app although there is a bunch of data being sourced at the same time such as google maps, M.T.A, forecast, uber, yelp, lyft, among others. The interface is easy to use thanks to a simplistic infographic design: plain pictograms, sans-serif typography and few colors. You can type a destination and find out suggested routes and estimated time for subway, bus-only and cab. For those willing to burn calories there are directions for bike or walk. Once you decide which route you will follow the app is able to alert you where to transfer and enter/exit. It also has a gps arrow that shows real time location. What I like most of Citymapper is the social uses that it offers, for instance, you can send your real time trip to someone who’s is waiting for you or ask a friend to meet you somewhere. You can also easily save your favorite places and browse recent journeys. My commute is much more effortless and enjoyable thanks to this app.

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